Sergei Makarov meets with the governor of the Vladimir Region to discuss issues regarding the development of the region’s machine tool industry

Vladimir 14 February 2014 year

A delegation of Stankoprom OJSC lead by general director Sergei Makarov arrived in the city of Vladimir for a meeting with Governor Olga Orlova. With the participation of regional enterprises, the two sides discussed issues regarding the development of the machine tool industry within the Vladimir Region.

One key issue on the agenda was the creation of a joint enterprise in the Vladimir Region for the manufacture of modern machine tool equipment in accordance with Asian technological standards.

The volume of investment into the project, the range of manufacturing equipment, and the present form of collaboration were discussed. Signature of a trilateral agreement on cooperation between Stankoprom OJSC, KEMZ OJSC, and administration of the Vladimir Region is planned for March, 2014.

While visiting the Vladimir Region, Sergei Makarov also conducted a business meeting with representatives of leading machine tool enterprises, namely: Savelovskiy Machine Building Plant, Volga Machine Building Plant, Kovrovski Electromechanical Plant, machine building plant Salut, Vladimir machine tool plant Tekhnika, and Design and Technological Institute Micron, with the participation of the administration of the Vladimir Region. At the meeting, they spoke about organizing a process to design the machine tool industry’s products.

Sergei Makarov noted that the development of design documentation is handled piecemeal by the holding’s enterprises. “It is essential to develop a singular approach towards executing design projects with an eye to unifying production and lowering distribution costs”, declared the general director of Stankoprom.

Following the meeting, a decision was taken to create a “Council of Head Designers” from enterprises in the holding, with the purpose of developing a unified approach toward organizing a process for the design and development of design documentation. The council will also handle the issue of creating the holding’s information center for existent projects and prospective developments.

In order to carry out these conclusions, specialists from Stankoprom OJSC plan to visit Kovrovski Electromechanical Plant in March, 2014.