Ulyanovsk NIAT OJSC

Open Join-Stock Company “Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization” (Ulyanovsk NIAT OJSC)

Ulyanovsk NIAT OJSC is a leading Russian enterprise, which for over 30 years has developed and manufactured profile bending equipment and specialized in the development and implementation of new technology, using unique methods of deforming metallic blanks (such as the ‘constrained curve method’ and the ‘intensive deformation method’) for the manufacture of bent metallic profiles in the rolling calibers of profile bending fabrication mills.


  • Light series (0.5-1.0 mm),
  • Middle series (1.0-2.5 mm),
  • Heavy series (3.0-5.0 мм).

The use of both universal and special interstand wiring is an exceptional innovation applied to profile bending equipment, enabling the quality molding of the bend zone on complex profiles, where in ordinary stands such a molding would be impossible. This arrangement is set between basic stands, which does not lead to an increase in bench size and therefore allow a significant expansion of the range of manufactured profiles, especially profiles of a complex transverse cut.


  • A wide range of bent metallic profiles: for the automobile and aviation industries, profiles for the lining and insulation of buildings, including siding with overhead panels, roofing, light prefabricated building, and profiles for the inner frames of plastic windows (reinforcing profiles) and many others.
  • Bent metallic profiles of any cut by custom order concordant with the provision of design documentation upon production, including complex cut forms.

Contacts information

432057, ulitsa Vracha Mikhaylova, 34
Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovskaya oblast', Russia

Phone: (8422) 55-13-48 55-02-82, 52-46-81, 52-00-11
Fax: (8422) 55-13-48

E-mail: info@ulniat.ru
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