Open Joint Stock Company VNIINSTRUMENT, Moscow

VNIINSTRUMENT OJSC was founded in 1943 as the All-Union Scientific Research Tooling Institute. For almost 70 years of its activity, the institute has developed over 10,000 types of tools for processing materials that have found application in the domestic and foreign industries. It has developed hundreds of instruments for manufacturing processes, contributed to the creation of new tools and wear-resistant coating materials, participated in equipping with advanced tools and processing technologies of large machine-tool, automotive, steel and defense enterprises, equipped hundreds of models of machines, produced in the country, with sets of high-performance tools, developed more than 400 state standards for instruments.

The scientific contribution of the institute to the industry has been marked by 4 state awards, confirmed by more than 600 copyright certificates, domestic and foreign patents.

Currently, the institute is engaged in comprehensive R & D and innovation and technological activities on the creation and implementation of innovative metalworking and woodworking technologies, production of special high-performance equipment, cutting tools, accessories, measuring, fitting and assembly tools, abrasive and diamond tools, equipment, it also ensures their optimal operation and monitoring, the institute contributes to the technological re-equipment of production companies of civil and defense engineering.

The Institute carries out technological audit of processing activities at the engineering enterprises, performs examination of existing re-equipment projects and develops original innovation projects for technological upgrading.

The Quality Management System of the institute complies with ISO 9001-2000 (SC certificate No. 00198).

A center for tool certification that performs a complex of works on certification, quality control and technical expertise and equipment of tools operates as part of the VNIINSTRUMENT OJSC.

The Institute develops scientific and technical documentation and standards for tool, heads the “TC-95 Instrument” Technical Committee for Standardization.

The country’s largest machine-building enterprises such as AvtoVAZ, Research and Production Center for Gas Turbine production Salyut, Khrunichev Rocket and Space Plant, Sinarsky Pipe Plant, Kolomna Heavy Machine Tool Plant, Electrostal Heavy Machinery Plant, Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant URALTRAC, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Moscow Machine-Building Plant Vympel, TVEL Corporation and others are among the customers and partners of VNIINSTRUMENT.

Contacts information

49 Bolshaya Semyonovskaya St., Moscow, 107023

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