Joint Stock Company All-Russia Research, Design and Technology Institute of Electrical Engineering, St. Petersburg

All-Russian Research, Design and Technology Institute of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1947 by the decision of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR as an experimental design bureau (EDB) under the Leningrad plant Zarya. The EDB was assigned to develop special low power electrical equipment, electrical machinery and electric mechanisms for new types of aircraft.

In 2011, in accordance with the Federal Law “On Privatization of State and Municipal Property”, dated 21.12.2001 No. 178-FZ., the FSUE VNIIMEM was reorganized by conversion into the Open Joint Stock Company All-Russia Research, Design and Technology Institute of Electrical Engineering (VNITI EM OJSC).

VNITI EM JSC is the leading Russian developer of low power electric machines. In over 65 years of its operation, the Institute has developed more than 600 standard performances of electric machines.

They have created single series of asynchronous and stepper motors, small axial fan assemblies, as well as a series of informational electric machines: DC and AC tachogenerators and rotary transformers with the highest accuracy characteristics.

Developments and production of the VNITI EM JSC have been used in the aerospace, aviation, marine and ground equipment, in the industrial automation systems, medical equipment and consumer electronics. Traditionally, the Institute carried out work on the creation of various types of electrical machines, including for use in plants that are resistant to special factors, with increased operating time and service life, flameproof, operating under conditions of increased temperatures. The Institute has also developed guaranteed uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) of static type in earthquake-resistant design. The area of ​​practical application of the industrial sample of the low-voltage high-speed vacuum circuit breaker applies to the new generation of commercial electrical power engineering, and all objects, equipped with such LVHSVCB become fully fire and explosion safe in generation, distribution and consumption of electrical input. A new development direction of the institute is the creation of electromechanical transmission and electric propulsion systems that will be used in different industries and transport.

VNITI EM JSC routinely performs a complex of research and development activities for the creation of a new generation of components for weapons and military equipment. Supervision of the research and manufacturing of electrical products for enterprises is carried out by military representation of the Defense Ministry, accredited in the institute.

The institute has developed and implemented a quality management system, focused on the implementation of the requirements stipulated in ISO 9001-2008, GOST RV 15.002-2003, RD V 319.015-2006 (Certificate No. SVS.01.431.0.252.10 of August 16, 2010). The current quality management system also applies to the development and production in accordance with the codes of the EKPS VS RF 5990, 6105, 6130 (Certificate of Compliance No. BP 03.1.3474-2010 of August 16, 2010).


  • DC and AC electrical machinery;
  • controlled electric drives, including traction and machine-tools electric drives with microprocessor control systems;
  • analog- to-digital mechatronic modules based on contactless rotary transformers (angular position sensors) and contactless DC motors;
  • stepper motors;
  • tachogenerators;
  • DC and AC electro-fans;
  • hybrid transmission of wheeled and tracked vehicles;
  • secondary sources of guaranteed power supply.

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