VNIIavtogenmash OJSC

VNIIavtogenmash Open Joint Stock Company, Moscow

Institute for autogenous mechanical engineering was established in February 1944 at the initiative of the Academician P.L. Kapitsa. The institute started its activities with the development of technologies and equipment for oxygen cutting using substitutes of acetylene, underwater gaseous oxy-fuel cutting. The technology of gas-electric cutting was created in 1950s. In 1960s, the Institute received the status of research and design organization and was renamed into the VNIIavtogenmash. This period was the beginning of a new stage of scientific research and development activities of the Institute, which made a great contribution to the development of autogenous engineering.

In 1970, based on the Government’s decision the Institute was named the country’s head organization for autogenous engineering and thermal cutting. In this regard, the Institute has been assigned a wide range of tasks:

  • to develop and forecast the main directions of technical progress of gas-flame processing and thermal cutting of metals and prepare specific proposals for their implementation;
  • to coordinate and conduct research, design, technological and experimental work;
  • to develop state standards and normative and technical documentation for occupational health and safety in its sector.

At present, VNIIavtogenmash OJSC is the country’s leading organization, engaged in research and design of autogenous (gas-flame) technologies and performs complex works on the creation and implementation of equipment for thermal cutting, gas-thermal spraying of coatings, gas and gas-arc welding, surfacing, brazing and related processes of gas control, gas supply, systems engineering and other works.

Today VNIIavtogenmash OJSC means:

  • scientific and industrial capacity, enabling to develop modern and perspective technological processes and materials for gas-flame treatment, thermal cutting and spraying;
  • qualified scientific and technical personnel with experience in the development and implementation of gas-flame technology in Russia, the CIS countries, Finland, India, Germany, Cuba;
  • high international reputation, stable relationships with foreign partners, participation in the activities of the International Institute of Welding, in the international and domestic exhibitions and conferences.

At present, VNIIavtogenmash OJSC conducts the following activities at the request of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the RF:

  • Development of technologies to apply the strengthening and protective coatings by plasma spraying and laser cladding (jointly with FSUE SRISM Prometey);
  • Development of model modernization projects for the most popular types of technological equipment, necessary for heat treatment, electrochemical and electrical modification, and application of coating.


  • Equipment for heat treatment and gas-thermal spraying: multi-flame burners, gas-air, hardening, linear, fused, non-standard heating devices.
  • Robots and machines for gas-flame, plasma and laser cutting, welding and surfacing: installation of manual oxygen flux cutting, gantry machines for thermal cutting, portable machines for thermal cutting of pipes, manual and automated plasma coating and tempering installations.
  • gas distributing equipment: universal gas distributing stations, gas gated stations, oxygen gated distributing stations, bypass ramps.
  • Safety equipment: dry universal gates, chain check valves, safety devices protective kits.
  • Stands for testing gas-flame and gas regulating equipment: checking of cutters and burners, checking the hoses for leaks, testing of gearboxes and gas flow regulators on the tightness of reducing assembly, threaded connectors, checking the specified maximum operating pressure, checking the pressure gauge of MT, MTP type, checking and adjustment of safety valves.
  • Non-standard equipment by special order.

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