Open Joint Stock Company Scientific-Research Institute of Natural and Synthetic Diamonds and Tools, Moscow

Scientific-Research Institute of Natural and Synthetic Diamonds and Tools VNIIALMAZ was created in 1947. It is Russia’s leading institute engaged in research, development, production and use of natural, synthetic diamonds and tools made of them.

The institute has gained extensive experience in the development and manufacture of both standard and special diamond tools, which are widely used in various industries in the processing of products of hard alloys, high-strength steels, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, cast iron, ceramics, glass, stone, semiconducting and other materials.

At present, VNIIALMAZ OJSC is engaged in the development of advanced technologies for processing of natural and synthetic diamonds, creation of synthetic diamonds and composite materials, based on diamond and cubic boron nitride, manufacturing of a wide range of standard and special diamond tools.

The Institute conduct studies on “friction welding”. The researchers are working on the development of technologies, equipment and tools, which ensure high strength properties of welded joints, reducing the cost and power consumption of the processes of obtaining permanent connections. Work in this direction results in the obtained patents and positive reviews from customers, who have decided to apply the friction welding processes in the manufacture of products, and use its advantages in comparison with other known methods of welding.

A center to test diamond powders, diamond, abrasive and woodcutting tools has been created and accredited within the VNIIALMAZ OJSC. The center tests various products to confirm their compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, it performs comparative tests of products produced by different manufacturers to determine the best suppliers from the standpoint of price and quality.

Research, design and innovation activities of the VNIIALMAZ OJSC are aimed at the creation and implementation of new processing technologies and tools, made of super-hard materials to replace the low-productive processes of lapping, microprocessing, high speed milling and solid turning, high and deep grinding, trimming and other promising developments.

Institute’s achievements are displayed at exhibitions, which have been distinguished by awards, including gold, silver and bronze medals. The Institute provides professional assistance in selecting standard diamond tools and their modes of operation, manufactures special diamond tools, based on dimensions and characteristics, required by the customer, offers consultations in a wide range of issues, related to the technologies of modern engineering production, and provides scientific and regulatory technical documentation.

VNIIALMAZ OJSC has been a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce since 1987.


  • Diamond tools for test instruments: measurement of hardness and micro-hardness of metals and alloys, the use of devices to automatically compensate for wear of the abrasive wheel, dimensional inspection at internal and external grinding, centering and referencing precision parts;
  • Diamond tools for smoothing: surface hardening of machine parts and improved surface finishing;
  • Diamond tools for turning: finish turning and boring of parts of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, titanium alloys and non-metallic materials.
  • Diamond tools with metallic bond: cutting, grinding, shaping and surface grinding of natural minerals, glass, ceramics, porcelain, granite, marble, precious and semiprecious stones, patterning on quartz glass, etc.;
  • Diamond tools with organic bond: sharpening and finishing and high-performance grinding of hard alloys and hard-to cut materials, including: hard alloys, ceramics, semiconducting materials, ferrites, metallic materials (high-speed steel, titanium, etc.), and natural materials (semi-precious stones, gems and precious stones);
  • Diamond dressing tools: diamond pencils, diamond combs, diamond rollers;
  • Diamond powders and pastes: grinding, polishing and finishing of products, made of metals, alloys and non-metallic materials, including: processing of invar, beryllium, refractory metals, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, ferrous metals, including hardened steel and cast iron, sintered hard alloy, tools of cubic boron nitride, semiconducting materials, precious and semi-precious stones, glass reinforced plastics, ceramics;
  • Tools for stirring friction welders: welding of aluminum alloys, steels, nickel and titanium alloys. They are manufactured based on specific requirements of the customer. This is an innovative technology used for the connection of materials in their solid state (without reaching the melting temperature).

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